What we do?
• We are organising the practice based trainings for competence development of professionals working in the fields of formal and non-formal education, socialisation and social inclusion, sports, health, culture, and public administration;
• We are organizing the group sessions and workshops for personal growth, self-awareness and self-expression;
• We are developing the training programs for non-formal education (teaching and learning), practical guides and methodologies and social inclusion projects';
• We developing tools and measures for non-formal education of children, youth, adults, people and groups with special needs;
• We are advising the preparation of the applications for funding under the EU programs of "Youth in Action" and "Lifelong Learning Programme" (Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and Comenius) and the applications for initiatives of social inclusion funded by European Social Fund;
• We are mediating and arranging the working groups of competent social scientists for the purpose of evaluation and expertise of various programs of formal and non-formal education, programs and project of social inclusion, practical guides and methodologies.
Non-formal training
The trainers of VsI GALVOCIUS are carrying out the trainings on the following topics:
• The application of non-formal education and training methods when working with groups;
• Pupils' skills assessment, vocational advising and career planning;
• Team building applying the methods of experienced learning;
• The application of five love languages when working with clients and socially vulnerable;
• Teaching according individual stiles of a personality;
• Needs and integration opportunities for people with disabilities;
• Integration of people with disabilities by the use of Universal Design principles.
In case you would like us to design a special training program and carry out the training we kindly ask to contact us via provided contacts on our website.